18 holes on an established golf course in Waynesville can be an exciting challenge for some, while other prefer a less time consuming and more playful challenge of putt putt golf. Waynesville, NC is home to a number of unique putt putt golf courses. Water features, wind mills, and challenging shots abound when putt putting in Waynesville. When putt putting in Waynesville, bring some extra cash for the kids because some businesses have a game room where kids can play air hockey, shoot hoops, and play video games all for tokens that can be cashed in for fun prizes.

All putt putt courses offer the fresh air and sounds of the Smoky Mountains, and some are just a short walk from your Waynesville Hotel or Waynesville Vacation Rental. After a fun filled day of exploring the Smokies and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, grab a bite to eat at a Waynesville Restaurant and then have a load of laughs while trying not to tell the golf ball, "Why don't you just go home? That's your home.". Couples, parents, and kids alike can enjoy this fun filled event and make even more lasting memories of their Waynesville vacation.

Waynesville Mini-Golf