Grits: white or yellow meal made of coarsely ground corn which is often served for breakfast in the southern states. You will find grits served at both breakfast with eggs, gravy, applesauce, and homemade buttermilk biscuits, or at dinner with fish, fowl, cheesy biscuits, cornbread, and fried green tomatoes. If you like your tea unsweet, we won't hold it against you, but be specific or sweet tea with lemon will be placed in front of you. BBQ is another southern favorite that can be found at any number of restaurants in Waynesville. There are many local diners and restaurants serving an abundance of southern foods and all american fares. Waynesville, NC has a small town feel while also offering dining options which include more diverse worldly fares such as Italian, Asian, Greek, and Mexican. Fine dining options abound both as stand alone businesses and as part of local inns and lodges who cater to the general public.

Many restaurants offer a diverse menu with all american favorites, southern staples, and foreign cuisines. Kids menu are guaranteed at most places to eat in Waynesville. Those visitors who don't function well without coffee can stop by a local coffee house and grab a latte, mocha, espresso, or just a cup of joe served to your palates preference. While there mingle with the locals and find out about life in the Southern Appalachians. There are also many places to enjoy live music during and after dinner, to have a glass of wine or your favorite drink, and to converse with friends both old and new. Some Waynesville restaurants offer liquor by the drink and/or allow for brown bagging, but state law prohibits all smoking in public places. Whether you eat at the same place day after day or are constantly looking for a new place to eat, Waynesville is sure to please.

Waynesville Dining

Lomo's Grill
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-452-5222

J. Arthur's Restaurant
Maggie Valley NC
Local Number: 828-926-1817

Carolina Nights Dinner Show
Maggie Valley NC
Local Number: 828-926-8822
Toll Free: 1-888-622

Ferguson Supply & Deli
Clyde NC
Local Number: 828-627-6404

O'Malley's on Main Street
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-452-4228

Connie's Kitchen
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-454-5316

Angelo's Family Pizza & Italian Restaurant
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-452-1886

Wisconsin Cheese & Deli, Inc.
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-452-5083

Great American Real Food Fast
Waynesville NC
Local Number: 828-627-1449

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Canton NC
Local Number: 828-648-3335